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A platform for prominent figures, including heads of state, experts and academics, innovators and the world’s foremost CEOs – to debate the current financial climate and share their ideas in an open and impartial space, with the aim of driving positive change.

Anchored in both public and private sectors, with the opportunity to shape agendas on an industrial, regional and global level. The campaign will be covered in detail, with veteran news presenter Andrew Wilson facilitating discussion and providing regular updates via several established global media groups.’

Davos 2019 saw the first annual campaign from TBD Media Group, a series of case studies and short documentaries on the business leaders that attend the Swiss city each year for open debate and discussion.

Having previously reported on global leaders in business innovation and digitalisation, TBD Media attended Davos to investigate further the actions of organisations from a range of sectors, addressing the question of the ’fourth industrial revolution’.

Mobility experts, energy providers and healthcare experts were interviewed to gain their insight into the role of digitalisation in shaping society and infrastructure around the world, with the resulting content distributed as part of a global campaign on the world’s leading media platforms.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is a former presenter and foreign correspondent for Sky with extensive international reporting experience.

He has a wealth of expertise in his field having joined as a foreign correspondent, reporting on the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and winning international awards when working in Jerusalem, Moscow and Washington.

A former officer in the British Army, Andrew has covered many major conflicts and incidents around the world such as the first Gulf War and Hurricane Katrina; he has also displayed considerable interview experience, reporting on three US presidential elections and conducting in-depth interviews with voters and politicians alike.

With work garnering major acclaim, such as the RTS award for the best current affairs and news program in 2016 during his time anchoring Sky News in-studio, Andrew is no stranger to awards, having also had work nominated for 3 BAFTA awards and won trophies at the NY TV festival and the Monaco Golden Nymph awards.

Since leaving Sky in 2016, Andrew has presented many news shows and documentaries including ‘Hacked’ for Thomson Reuters in 2017, he is also a partner in media consultancy A2 Media.

Andrew will be bringing his skill and experience to Davos 2023 where he will be conducting interviews with many of the participants involved.

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